The Food Diet Challenge

This is the challenge I have set myself for the next thirty days.

Phase one: Classical Carnivorous Diet, exploring fats. Fire.

Phase two: Ovolacto-carnivorous Diet, exploring cultures. Earth.

Phase three: Paleo keto Omnivorous Diet, exploring balance. Quintessence: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Raw.

Phase four: Ovolacto-vegetarian diet, exploring grains. Air.

Phase five: Vegan diet, exploring raw foods. Raw.

Phase six: Fruitarian diet, exploring cooking wine. Water.

I was inspired by the Netflix documentary series, Cooked with author Michael Pollan. I found the idea of how foods are cooked with regards to the ancient concept of the elements fascinating. My belief is that God made all things and that they work in systems and orders – except that the original design is fundamentally broken because of the problem of sin.

For my experiment, I wanted to concentrate on different extremes in dietary lifestyle choices and dive into really exploring and experiencing food, in order to find balance. I think, by focusing in on one area of food at a time, I will be able to learn more about it so that at the end I can draw together everything I have learned.

I’ll be undertaking this challenge with some deliberate cheats, so that I don’t endanger my health by lacking in vital nutrients for prolonged periods of time.

Here I go. Let’s see what we learn.

From mine to yours,

Mumma Alsum

This is a food journey upon which I will not be including my children. They need to stick with a balanced diet and will not be participating in the extremes.

*Disclaimer: consult with a physician before making long term changes to your lifestyle.

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