Taking a journey

Daddy Alsum started an incredibly brave, and distinctively difficult journey today. In fact, we all have – the kids and myself included. Daddy Alsum will be spending the next four weeks in treatment away from the family. He reached a pivotal moment in his life, particularly regarding his mental health.

This is the man I love

As part of this time, I – as the home front – will be taking steps to work on things myself.

Nutritionally, I will be diving into a food discovery challenge that will kickstart a return to healthy balanced eating. This challenge will involve exploring different diet elements and experiencing food in a variety of different ways. I have obviously still got some baby weight to lose, but I am more concerned about finding a sustainable healthy ethical lifestyle.

Emotionally, I will also be seeking my own best health, in order to move forward and strengthen our marriage and family upon his return. Self-care isn’t something I do very well.

Physically, I am going to work my tail off deep cleaning and decluttering our house so that we can focus more on the important things and less on the peripheral material stuff. I have a daily task plan to see this process through.

Source: pixabay

Most importantly, spiritually, I will be reading the Bible and studying in depth in the Minor Prophets. I want to discover more of God and His plan for me, for our marriage and our family.

This will be a painful and arduous time apart, but I trust that it will be for God’s glory and our greatest good.

From mine to yours,

Mumma Alsum

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