US Bakes of America: The Big Reveal

I am so excited for this project. As a remembrance of the 400 year anniversary of the Pilgrims setting sail from my hometown Plymouth for what is now known as the United States of America, I had planned on putting this together for last year, but with the global situation, the timing just wasn’t right.

#Throwback to when I visited Plymouth Rock with my mum in 2010

Everybody has heard about a particular British baking competition, which is also extremely popular across the pond. I decided to structure my own American-baking-inspired cooking competition for my blog. For ten weeks, there will be a ten separate themes with two challenges: The Original and The Centerpiece. The Original challenges will be your opportunity to create something that tells us about who you are. Put your own John Hancock on the brief. The Centerpiece challenges is a chance to impress us with a party piece. Bring the house down by coming at this brief with serious enthusiasm.

#Throwback to when I made flag cake for the family Fourth of July in 2013

This is a competition so there will be a prize. The detailed rules for the competition will be published next week, but until then I will be trying to contain my excitement. Let’s get some buzz going with these hashtags #USBakesOfAmerica #USBofA

From mine to yours,

Mumma Alsum

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