What I learnt about culturing [with Cream Cheese recipe]

Today, I finally got to the part where I can eat plants. Hurray! I spent the last week looking at cultured food and I had quite a lot of fun with it. I have a mild fascination with preserving foods - fermentation, culturing, salting and curing (as well as dehydrating and smoking). I was excited … Continue reading What I learnt about culturing [with Cream Cheese recipe]


The Food Diet Challenge

This is the challenge I have set myself for the next thirty days. --- Phase one: Classical Carnivorous Diet, exploring fats. Fire. Phase two: Ovolacto-carnivorous Diet, exploring cultures. Earth. Phase three: Paleo keto Omnivorous Diet, exploring balance. Quintessence: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Raw. Phase four: Ovolacto-vegetarian diet, exploring grains. Air. Phase five: Vegan diet, exploring … Continue reading The Food Diet Challenge