What I learnt about raw ingredients

I was envisaging this phase being a time to find more about flavor by taking cooking out of the equation. I had this romantic vision of experiencing raw food and l would learn so much more about flavor combinations and so on. Raw vegan is no joke. I was eating literally all day long. I … Continue reading What I learnt about raw ingredients

The Food Diet Challenge

This is the challenge I have set myself for the next thirty days. --- Phase one: Classical Carnivorous Diet, exploring fats. Fire. Phase two: Ovolacto-carnivorous Diet, exploring cultures. Earth. Phase three: Paleo keto Omnivorous Diet, exploring balance. Quintessence: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Raw. Phase four: Ovolacto-vegetarian diet, exploring grains. Air. Phase five: Vegan diet, exploring … Continue reading The Food Diet Challenge