Scalloped potato crust quiche

Today is one of those days where I had the cards seriously stacked against me. Lark has been waking at night as if it is morning. Fitche has recently learnt how to climb out of her crib. It was definitely a restless night. With kids only sleeping from 9pm to midnight, a little after midnight until 2am, and then from 5am until 6. I managed to put an online grocery shopping order in before all of those shenanigans, but the best times for me are either early mornings (before my kids are usually awake) or later evenings (after my kids are usually asleep). If you have ever ordered delivery shopping and thought to yourself, “who are these people that order delivery before 6!?” or “who would want their shopping delivered after 9 o’clock at night?”. Answer: Me.
Essentially, I need a time when tiny hands are not going to be manhandling my ingredients. I love our kids and I love that they want to help. Unfortunately, their help is often… unusual, shall we say, in that it doesn’t really serve to assist me or anyone else in any real way. They have their own agenda behind “helping” and it usually involves some sort of whining and/or nagging. I try to remind myself perpetually during those times that the endgame is for them to still want to help when they finally are actually capable.
So, with that as the backdrop to this evening’s dinner, I knew I was going to need to put together a satisfying meal with minimal ingredients left in the house, that would also be ready almost immediately after we got home from picking up Lark. For the sake of my children, I attempt to protect them from my insanity by preserving my sanity whereever possible. Enter, potato crust quiche.

I had completely run out of butter, butter alternative and the only oil I have is walnut oil for a Thanksgiving recipe I have been perfecting. So, pastry was out of the question. I considered making a sort of pizza pie – quiche hybrid with a bread crust. I thought about a lattice of shaved parsnips. Then, it dawned on me. Potatoes! They are great great GREAT for autumn evenings. It’s a filling and comforting food, plus our girls love them. The rest was easy. We had some ham and some peppered smoked mackerel which we had picked up reduced. You can pick any filling/topping that will suit your family’s tastes.
Scalloped potato crust quiche

Serves 4 ish in two 6 inch pie dishes
What you will need:
• One or two large potatoes (good for the bases)
• Two small potatoes (good for the edges)
• Four eggs
• One 150g log of soft goat cheese
• Choice of filling or topping
How you can do it:
• Slice the potatoes thinly and arrange them to cover the base and sides of you desired dish.
• Precook the slices (I used a microwave with a potato setting and covered it with a damp washcloth/flannel. You may choose to parboil. Word of warning: don’t overdo them or you’ll end up with mash.)
• Beat the eggs and cheese together.
• Pour the mixture into the potato-lined dish.
• Add your own ingredients to fill and top the quiche.
• Cover with foil and cook in a preheated 180°c fan oven for 15 minutes.
• Remove foil and complete cooking for an additional 10 minutes.

This recipe is carbilicious and accidentally gluten free. We enjoyed it with peas and a slice of brown bread, and I am (perhaps desperately) hoping it keeps tummies satisfied until morning.

Hopefully, my shopping comes soon; I am getting pretty tired.
From mine to yours,
Mumma Alsum

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