Trifle in a teacup

Written in September 2019

Months and weeks and days have blended into one.
Number four has been a sweet and wonderful addition to our family. We have moved back to the UK for the
foreseeable future for a multitude of reasons. Daddy
Alsum still has his visa process to go through. This
will mean a portion of time apart again, which I will
expound upon through further blog posts.

Source: pixabay (until I find the photo of the actual trifley teacup)

So, today, I was stood outside in our garden enjoying
a little English September sunshine, and I was eating
a generous spoonful of strawberry trifle in one of my
grandparent’s teacups. Someone looking from the outside might have seen a sophisticated hipster lady indulging herself. Anyone that actually knows me would
have seen a tired mumma of four eating a reduced
price dessert from one of the only clean receptacles
left that could hold it whilst attempting to escape the
screaming. (Side note: unfortunately, it’s not the 6
week old that is doing the most screaming lately.)

Haven’t we all had those times? Well, during my trifle in a teacup moment, I realised how
people don’t always see the fullness of a situation. I
will find my rhythm and I will get my routine. Until that
time, I will be keeping afloat here, and that is okay.
Today’s recipe is not my usual kind.

Trifle in a teacup

What you will need:
A British grocery store you can walk to
A teacup (preferably clean)
A spoon (also preferably clean)

How you can do it:
Buy a discounted trifle
Scoop a bit into the teacup

I am sure I can get a real trifle recipe put together
soon, but until then…
From mine to yours,
Mumma Alsum

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