Happy Remembering My Password Day

Oh, it has been such a long time since I blogged that I had genuinely completely and utterly forgotten my password… as well as the email associated with the account. Well, good news! I got all of the kids to bed at a reasonable enough hour to grab a moment to myself to check every avenue I could, and guess what. It paid off. Here I am! I’m back.

Source: pixabay

Okay, brief update before more of it later, but here it goes. I’m back in the UK now as well. Daddy Alsum will return to us here soon – as soon as the visa is approved. We decided for Lark’s benefit to come over in time for her to settle into starting school. I was also pregnant with our fourth – who shall be known in this blog as Bear – who arrived in August. So, now I am a mumma of four bambinos aged four and under.

Source: pixabay

I have a few projects in mind – some new and some old:

I will be continuing with the multicultural food posts honouring the cuisine of my readership, so that I can round up that series to thank you all for your support.

I have a big idea for the run up to Independence day next year that I will need participation from you all on. It is going to mostly be a surprise until early next year, but here’s your clue – competition.

Obviously, with my region changing, that makes my locally available and seasonal foods alter. This will be reflected in the new content. We also have space to grow some of our own in the garden and the greenhouse so you will be able to read more about that.

I think that will get us started back up and on our way for now.

From mine to yours,
Mumma Alsum

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