What I learnt about raw ingredients

I was envisaging this phase being a time to find more about flavor by taking cooking out of the equation. I had this romantic vision of experiencing raw food and l would learn so much more about flavor combinations and so on.

Raw vegan is no joke.

Source: pixabay

I was eating literally all day long. I couldn’t eat enough to not feel starving. I felt nauseated. My insides felt like they were trying to become outsides. I had migraines all day long and zero energy.

No wonder people lose hundreds of lbs on this diet.

Maybe if I wasn’t responsible for the life and wellbeing of three small children I might be able to subsist on raw vegetables and fruits alone… But I don’t live that life.

It was not a total loss; I did discover some interesting recipes for grain-free dehydrated crackers, ‘toasts’ and pizza crust.

I love the act of cooking and I doubt I will try a raw vegan diet again, but, if I do, it will be when my kids are grown and because I want to lose weight. Like, a lot of weight.

From mine to yours,
Mumma Alsum

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