What I learnt about fat

This first phase was definitely a challenge for me personally. I’m sure that other people would love to eat all the bacon they could ever want, but I am unfortunately just not one of those people. Besides it being really expensive (especially for good quality local meat), I did also get pretty tired of it, so I am looking forward to the next diet phases.

Now, on to the fats.

I had already fallen in love with lard before this experiment. It is like butter that tastes like bacon and it browns things up really nicely.

Schmaltz, however, was a new experience for me. Skinning and parting out a whole chicken was relatively easy and entirely worth what little effort it did took. Rendering the fat out of the skin and off the bird was not hard at all. I anticipate a schmaltz-based roux for a white pasta sauce after Daddy Alsum gets home.

Duck fat is expensive and inaccessible. Maybe I can get at it during duck season. I went into several specialty grocers and they didn’t stock it. I could have bought a duck and rendered it like I did for the schmaltz. I can do that for Christmas or something.

Beef tallow is also way too expensive for what you get, and I found the texture unpleasantly thick and greasy without the flavor to compensate. I wish suet wasn’t just for birds here so that I could make authentic British mince pies or dumplings, but I’ll be using frozen lard this year and seeing how my pies turn out.

I stuffed a double breast of chicken with a rich fatty meat – ground lamb. You know how white meat can get dry and flaky. Well, it made the chicken beautifully juicy.

I’m trying to decide on an accompanying sauce to complement the combination. I’m wondering if some sort of a lemon-mint curd would be a possible winner. I’d want to do a side dressing too and roasted sides.

Anyway, overall, I have some new ideas for recipes, but I doubt I will miss the meat later in the challenge.

From mine to yours,

Mumma Alsum

All pictures are sourced from pixabay

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