Happy Summer 2018

After a hiatus, I am hoping to get my act together and return to real cooking and writing. I have been expending all my energy on raising our little Alsums and holding up Daddy Alsum.

Fitche has been slow to gain – which has meant that I have devoted a lot of time and effort to feeding her. Breastfeeding has just not worked out this time around. She nurses in the evening, overnight and once in the morning. I am also combination feeding, expressing milk and fortifying feeds for extra calories. Things are still slow going, so I reckon that she has Daddy’s metabolism.

Lark and Hart are cuties. Excitable, busy, little cuties. Keeping up without much sleep is definitely a challenge in and of itself.

Daddy Alsum has continued to struggle with his health, which has added further complications.

With that all being said, I know that this is just for a time. There are things I need to remind myself constantly.

God is good. He is for us not against us. He makes me brave for the tasks at hand.

So, it’s the summer solstice. The longest day of the year. The most light we’ll get in 2018.

I’ve always been intrigued by solstices and equinoxes, the cycles of the moon and so on. Not in a new age-y, animistic sort of a way, I find it fascinating the order that God brought out of the nothing and the chaos.

I have nothing left to give, so I am going to give that. I’m looking forward to Him taking my nothing and my chaos, and seeing what He makes out of it. I am anticipating more light. Less chaos.

From mine to yours,

Mumma Alsum

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