Leavenworth Christkindlmarkt

So, we did it.

We almost put the trip off until next year so that we felt better prepared, but on Saturday we decided to just go for it and leave on Sunday for the day in Leavenworth to commemorate the trip that we had planned to take with my mum.

Daddy Alsum was incredible. He cleared out the whole car and put together everything we would need (and more). We tend to overprepare so we also had a full picnic basket, a portable shovel and a fresh roll of duct tape – none of which we used.

We packed our pyjama-ed kids into their car seats and loaded our Alsum Dog into his carrier, rolling out from the driveway at 8 am. We had a veggie tray left over from Saturday evening church service, which worked out wonderfully as a car snack for us and the children. Daddy Alsum stopped to get fuel for the car, while I ran into the store for some simple easy food for the day. We changed the kids into their clothes and off we went. Alsum Dog does not travel well, and, although he started strong, he did end up vomiting on the winding mountain pass roads. We cleaned it all up (which I can tell you, as a sickly pregnant mumma, was pretty stinkin’ gross) and made it the rest of the way.

The roads were clear all the way, but when we arrived the town was packed with people. First, we ventured into the indoor part of the market held in the Festhalle. Lark and Hart were both enamored with some handmade musical Christmas tree decorations. They picked out one each for the tree we had cut together on Friday. There was another vendor selling a variety of furs – which looked so pretty, but the price tag was a little beyond our realms of possibility.

Leavenworth is fashioned like an old time Bavarian town and Christmas is their big thing. We couldn’t go all the way without grabbing some German fare. Bratwurst und brezeln mit käse und senf. Wunderbar. I love German food, because it is so comforting. My favorite dish would definitely be maultaschen – German ravioli. We didn’t have too much time, and our pup would not able to go into any of the sit-in restaurants, so we got our brats and pretzels from an open air food place with fire tables for heat.

Hart started to have a melt-down because he wanted to get out of the stroller. It was an extremely loud melt-down. He wanted everyone in earshot to know how very upset he truly was. It was probably the most challenging part of the day because Daddy Alsum had taken the dog walking and so I was trying to satisfy two hungry/angry toddlers alone… sat at a table emitting fire. I somehow managed to keep my cool, and strangers were predominantly understanding and helpful. This is not always the case. By the time Daddy came back, all was well: the food had arrived and both children were sitting politely (and quietly) eating.

The lights on the trees in the park switched on before it started to get very dark. Lark was very excited about how pretty everything was.

After a long day, we decided to head back before the sun had set. We timed it so that we knew it would be about bedtime when we pulled into the driveway. We had time for a Bible story and then it was back into pyjamas and into bed.

It was a challenge, but we really did it. I am so glad that we tried because Daddy Alsum and I came away with a sense of accomplishment and reassurance.

Mum would have liked it.

One thought on “Leavenworth Christkindlmarkt

  1. Memories made! I’m so glad you were able to have this trip. My heart is heavy for the loss of your mother. Mothers are so special. Your children are very blessed and I know you cherish every moment with them. Keep up the amazing work Hazel. You are an inspiration and encouragement.


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