Planning a dinner menu

As we enter the harvest season and head into the holidays, being able to put together a menu for your party is a great skill to have. I think it is great to have company over, and Daddy Alsum and the little Alsums also like when people come to visit.

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1. Choose your guests

If you know how many guests you are expecting and who they are, that can shape most of the rest of the plans.

We chose to invite Uncle and Auntie Alsum before they go on a little babymoon vacation next month.

2. Decide the occasion

This will help you with deciding on any theme and the date for the dinner, which will in turn determine what food would be appropriate and seasonally available locally.

We just want to have friends over, and Daddy Alsum’s brother casually mentioned to Lark that he and his wife might come over some time so I have heard no end of questions
about when they will occur. (Nota bene: Toddlers never forget when you make a casual commitment.) We are pinning down a date once the Alsum men get off work and we can finalize that. I am thinking we will have a Fall Feast theme.

3. Decide on the meal structure

Are your guests coming for dessert? Is it a main course and sides only? Or is it a classic full seven course haute cuisine meal?

I know that our guests enjoy dessert, so we will at least have two courses, maybe with side bread and salad. We like to mix things up at our house too, so maybe we’ll open with dessert.

4. Decide on the food

Keep your guests and yourselves in mind for this step. What are your favorite foods to eat and/or cook? Are there any dietary restrictions? Do your guests really hate certain flavors?

Our meal is likely to be gluten and dairy free because the gastrointestinal consequences for my kids make more work for me when we don’t avoid it. I want the food to be really autumnal, so I look up what foods are regionally seasonally available right now. I asked our guests for their favorite fall fruits and veggies as well, so that I have a direction to go in.

The recipes will be coming up soon, but here’s my initial ideas:



Spice-poached Apple Crisp

Main course

Pork roulade with an apple, sage and chestnut pesto
Rosemary-roasted potatoes, parsnips and rutabaga
Quick-pickle beet, cabbage and cranberry salad

From mine to yours,

Mumma Alsum

Are you hosting a dinner party soon and need help putting together a menu? I want to offer my services writing you and your family a unique set of recipes. Thanksgiving, Advent, Sinterklaas, Chanukah, Christmas eve, Christmas day, New Year’s eve or New Year’s day… There are those holidays and plenty more occasions coming up that would be a great opportunity to have everyone over to eat and enjoy. Let me know if you are interested in hearing more information.

One thought on “Planning a dinner menu

  1. What a delumptious scrumptiously tasty sounding meal you have thunk up! If only you could save a seat for me that I could fill. I’m looking forward to the recipes 🙂


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