Our labor day camping weekend

We started out on the road at around nine. The babies fell asleep as did Daddy Alsum. I drove (quite lonely) for half of the way before my husband returned to the land of the living.
We stopped at Newhalem to climb into and look around a full size train at Seattle City Light. Lark has shown some interest in railways, especially steam trains like Thomas the Tank Engine. It was a lot of fun looking around the locomotive and seeing the kids enjoying it all. She was also excited to see an enormous wheel from a turbine – which replicated one of the ones in the nearby river. We also stopped for a sandwich or two before rolling out.

Eventually, we arrived at the campground in Winthrop. We had great access to the lake, but we decided our campsite had to be set up far enough away from the water so that our little explorers didn’t take a dip without us knowing. Our tent and everything went up very well. It all went very smoothly which was surprising and wonderful.

Our littles spent a lot of time this weekend in the lake with us learning how to swim. They might prefer to try to learn again in a heated pool some time. Daddy Alsum and I enjoyed the cool water very much because of the heat of the day. Another time, we took the kids out on a couple of borrowed kayaks and went beaver spotting by a nearby log dam.

Breakfasts were oatmeal, and bacon with buttery fried veggie medley. Lunches were light sandwiches or pasta salads. Dinners were spent with our church group with whom we were camping.

We bought some apples from a local orchard at 99 cents a lb. They were absolutely delicious, and I am kicking myself that I didn’t pick up more before coming home. In related news, we picked up a vintage apple ladder labeled “free” on the side of the road. It will become a classy trendy looking blanket ladder for in our bedroom. It’s our rather impractically enormous camping souvenir from the trip.

We walked along the downtown street of the American Western town. We bumped into a pretty Macaw parrot who showed the kids her beautifully coloured wings. A group of us from the church went for ice cream downtown as well. It was a big hit with the kids, of course, but it was definitely a one-off sort of vacation treat.

We had a great time camping as a family and with our friends. I think we are going to try a few more outdoor adventures before the year is over.

If you are nervous to go camping with toddlers, I would encourage you to go for it as long as you are ready to keep a good attitude yourself. It is definitely whatever you make it. Attitude is everything.

From mine to yours,

Mumma Alsum

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