Salmonberry leaf tea

I think I have found a solution to my dry pub problem. What if, instead of alcohol, we served specialty teas and espresso?

Tea is quintessential to British culture, and espresso is life here in Washington state. Daddy Alsum loves his coffee very much. We have talked at some length about starting a local business, so maybe some day we’ll have our tea and coffee pub.

My mum bought me a dehydrator for my birthday, and I have had a lot of fun drying a variety of different things. I made my own wild leaf tea earlier this year before salmonberries were in season. I picked some young leaves and dried them out.

I brewed a cup of it today and stirred in a little local honey. It tasted very mild, but it was an enjoyable drink while the kids were taking their nap.

Because of their astringent qualities, the leaves of the salmonberry bush are great for stomach issues. Explorers used it when they overindulged in fatty foods. These leaves are abundant in our area so I could gather a lot ready for over the winter. I’m thinking Thanksgiving and Christmas might be good times to try out their stomach settling qualities.

What is your drink? Tea, coffee, something else?

From mine to yours,

Mumma Alsum


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