A little Sunday drive

After attending church service on Sunday, we went for a little drive down south.
Our first stop was in Bow-Edison. This is actually two towns that are slowly merging as they expand. We drive past the Farmer’s market, but it was just wrapping up because we arrived at 2pm (when it closes), and Lark and Hart were both sleeping. We enjoy when our babies are peacefully napping so we didn’t wake them.

Daddy Alsum stayed at the car with the kiddos so that I could run in to Breadfarm and grab a snack. The streets of Edison were packed with cars, and the artisan bakery was equally busy. They had a great variety of different breads and pastries. I was sorely tempted to buy a strawberry-rhubarb bakewell tart, but they were too little to share with Daddy Alsum, and I promised him I would only come out with one thing. I settled on a delicious looking herbed foccacia. I brought it out to our vehicle and we started ripping into it.
Daddy Alsum and I watched a Netflix documentary a while back about bread. I’m sure we sound like super exciting people to hang out with now, but it was actually really fascinating. The main thing that I took away from it is that real wild yeast sourdough bread is pretty much all air. I could tell that the way that Breadfarm made their loaf that it was full full full of delicious air. We saved two middle bits for our sleeping brood and continued on to a new stop.
We continued south to Burlington. We have driven by the open air covered market many times before, but this time we decided to venture in. Lark and Hart were awake now so we parked up and headed on over to Country Farms. It reminded me of when I would go on family vacations and we’d buy our food at markets. They have been in business for over 70 years and we enjoyed walking around. Our kids actually love doing produce shopping, especially if they get a free banana (which the cashier generously gave us without us asking).
They have a good range of local produce as well as more tropical offerings. Daddy Alsum thought we’d treat ourselves to an unusual product we had never used before so stay tuned for our adventure with a spiny chayote.

We had a fun day out exploring as a family. What memories have you been making this summer?

From mine to yours,

Mumma Alsum


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