​Cascadia Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a somewhat undesirable ingredient to many. I know lots of people are used to sliced white button mushrooms which cook up like little brown slugs.
Is it because they’re a fungus? Is it because of the cooked texture and appearance of the typical mushroom available in stores? Whatever it is, branching out and enjoying other types of mushroom can definitely help.

I have been emailing Alex Winstead from Cascadia Mushrooms to learn more about this local business. (He also said he was hoping to try out my mushroom mayo recipe.)

As with many businesses, his was born out of a interest that develops into a passion. 

Fungi play a vital role in Earth’s ecosystem as soil generators and decomposers–I have always felt that by bringing more mushrooms into the world I am helping to further the good work they do for all of us.  – Alex Winstead

Mushrooms have a variety of health benefits that are well-known around the world as a food and medicine. What you eat becomes you. If you give your body the right building blocks, it can develop cells that are healthy and vibrant. If you eat proverbial junk, that is all your body has to work with for materials.

I am looking forward to following the new varieties of delicious mushrooms which Cascadia is going to be introducing to the local market.

From mine to yours,

Mumma Alsum

If you want to find out more, follow this link to their website.


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