Pacific Northwest Ploughman’s Lunch

This was a meal reinvented after the second world war by the big people in British cheese as a way to encourage consumption of their dairy products after rationing had ceased.

Bread and cheese based meals had always been popular in the UK for long before the guises of the “Ploughman’s lunch”.

I remember whenever we would take the drive from Plymouth to Bristol to visit my grandparents we’d often get there late and enjoy something that could be described as a Ploughman’s for supper. It is the perfect picnic combo or light meal for pretty much any occasion.

Pacific Northwest Ploughman’s Lunch

How you can do it:

Plate up on as cute a little platter as possible. Slice your homemade or local bread and local cheese selection. Scoop some Ploughman’s pickle and Coronation chicken on to the platter. Arrange the scotch eggs, bread and cheese in a pretty pattern. And, as the 1950s marketeers said, “of course, beer”. Or, you know, apple juice if you’re a non-drinker, pregnant or a toddler…

From mine to yours,

Mumma Alsum

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