​Oak Meadows Farm

Even though we were a little disappointed that they had stopped active production of quail eggs, that is where the disappointment ended on our visit to the farm.

We drove past it at first because we weren’t sure if it was a home or a farm. Turns out, it must be both. David Whittaker came out to meet us.

It has been uncomfortably warm and muggy around here lately, so, after grabbing a very cranky Lark a drink of water, we were also joined by David’s mom, Patty.

Daddy Alsum and I carried Hart and Lark around from shed to shed and coop to coop. We started with their youngest chicks, and what surprised me the most was the odor… Or rather the lack thereof. We have helped housesit for some homesteading friends before when we were down in Arizona, and Daddy Alsum’s family had some chickens when he was growing up. Those birds can really stink. David told us that the secret is to start them out in the sheds with peat moss in the bottom. The material does a great job of absorbing unwanted moisture and odors.

We visited with some very friendly turkeys. Hart was particularly enamoured with the baby turkey chicks. They also had one guard goose in the flock, but from what we understand he was not doing his job really well keeping the bald eagles at bay.

We got to see the stages from chick through teenage all the way to full grown and “prepared”.

I appreciate being able to show my kids from a young age where their food originates. If someday they decide that they like their poultry better clucking than tasty then I am completely fine with that. Until then, I believe if they can see how food (meat in particular) “works” then I feel like they are better able to be grateful for what we have and what we eat.

From mine to yours,

Mumma Alsum

For more information on Oak Meadows Farm, please visit http://www.oakmeadowsfarmllc.com.

P.s. We picked up some quail eggs they had left in their inventory for scotch eggs which will be another addition to our Ploughman’s lunch plate.


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