​British food icons

We just finished up our series about taking American classics and putting a local twist on them.

Now, we can go back to the other half of my original pub food menu ideas: the iconic British dishes. I really love food from back home, and I never knew how much I would miss it living here in the States.

So, here they are! The top five most iconic British foods, according to Mumma Alsum are:

​5 Coming in at number five is a ploughman’s lunch, which typically consists of at least bread, cheese and a brown relish called pickle.

​4 Ask any American which dish they think of first when you say “British food”, and they will tell you… Fish and chips.

​3Now, the next dish would be better considered as a category of food. Meat pies are really delicious, and my most favorite of meat pies would be the pasty.

​2 Number two brings us Full English Breakfast. I know this is supposed to be “British” rather than “English”, but you will definitely get to see what I can do to make a Pacific Northwest Full British Breakfast.

​1 And the best and most iconic British food in my humble opinion is definitely Sunday Roast. There is a serious nostalgia that Brits hold when it comes to a good roast dinner.

So, stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled as we work our way through, beginning with the Ploughman’s lunch.

From mine to yours,

Mumma Alsum

What do you think? Did I miss your favorite British food?


2 thoughts on “​British food icons

  1. I have so enjoyed reading your food blogs so far! The adventurous way you research your ingridience is inspiring and your story telling is top notch! Keep it up! I look forward to reading about the British Fabulous Five!

    Liked by 1 person

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