Pacific Northwest Chili Dog

This is the pinnacle of our local twist American classics series. I saved the most unique and most distinctively local until last.

For the hot dog, I shaped ground boneless salmon into sausages. I highly recommend finding a grocery store that will grind the meat and put it into casings for you. Without the casing, the salmon is… ermm… crumbly. Delicious. But, crumbly.

To complement the seafood flavors, I made a dilly bun to carry the dog, the ‘sauce’ and the chili.

If you get a Seattle-style hotdog, it comes served with cream cheese. I thought this was a more than appropriate sauce component for on our chili dog.

We added a liberal serving of oyster chili on top. The smoky campfire, the seafood, the garden vegetables, the brew… The flavor screams of our local area.

I stacked the toppings really really high. You can still pick it up, but it’s deliciously messy.

Pacific Northwest Chili Dog

Cook your salmon dog. Assemble your chili dog by cutting open your dilly bun, insert the sausage and top with cream cheese and overflow with oyster chili. Enjoy.

If you give this one a go, share with #pacificnorthwestchilidog and #CookingWithMummaAlsum. I hope you have enjoyed the local twists. Next, we will take a look at what we can do with England’s iconic food.


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