Twin Sisters Creamery

Yesterday, the whole clan got to visit with Lindsay Slevin at Twin Sisters Creamery. I had heard great things about their blue cheese when I was researching for the Pacific Northwest Cheeseburger project, so I knew when wings came up we needed to look into it.

We were worried that we weren’t going to make it because our car battery had been giving us trouble earlier in the day, but, when we managed to slip in right on time at 5 o’clock, Lindsay was ready for us. Amy, their cheesemonger, had set up some samples of each of their three cheeses on a pretty slate and had set out cups and water.

First, we got to peer through at the creamery and see their next batch of blue cheese salting in preparation for piercing and aging. They are experiencing a good problem to have right now: they are in high demand! They supply cheese to local restaurants and to grocery stores, such as Haggen’s, and they graciously gave us one of their last two blocks of blue that they have for sale in their cheese shop (well, until Saturday).

As we sat down to sample their selection, we talked about their inspiration for their cheese flavors. She was naming a lot of cheeses which I am familiar with as a Brit: Caerphilly, Lancashire… It turns out Lindsay’s mum was born and raised in England. I always enjoy bumping into people who might know roughly where I am from.

So, we tried their Whatcom Farmhouse White first. It was tasty, creamy and rich. They use raw milk from Jersey cows to form their cheeses, and you can definitely tell the difference compared to traditional store-bought varieties. Their Whatcom White with whole peppercorns was also delicious, but we were really really excited to try the Whatcom Blue. The time came and… It’s honestly the best blue cheese that Daddy Alsum and I have ever found stateside. It will from here on replace our usual purchase for date night cheese… (Yes, we are the sort of couple who have cheese as a special treat.)

As one with kids 14 months apart, I have some understanding of what a wonderful challenge and blessing having twins would be. Their girls are the driving force behind the desire for a family business and I absolutely love that. There’s an upcoming cheesemaker festival event in Seattle. Lindsay told us that they took their girls last year only to find out that it was a 21 and over event. That sounds like the sort of thing that Daddy Alsum and I would definitely do. We go absolutely everywhere together as a family. (Why have kids if you aren’t allowed to enjoy them? That’s our opinion anyway.)

If there ever was a team, it is us -from Jeff Slevin’s note to his wife in 2012.

I also love the note that her husband wrote inside a book which he gave her as a present. Having a supportive and encouraging partner is so very important. You get a sense of how supporting small business is really supporting families.

As we were leaving, my toddlers started to melt, and Amy was kind enough to hand us some chocolate crackers. She said that she loves those crackers with a little blue cheese and some cherry. I love playing around with sweet and savory applications.*Spoiler alert: Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming recipe book.

Also, they are throwing a big party next weekend (Saturday, August 5th 12-5pm). It’s a celebration of their second anniversary. Expect music, fun and, of course, lots and lots of cheese. I know we’re going to make it out, so I hope to see you there.

From mine to yours,

Mumma Alsum

Here’s a link to their website so you can check out all the information there.


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