American food icons

Growing up in England, I loved pub food and the village pub atmosphere. I have a secret dream (or rather not-so-secret anymore) that I would like to open a gastropub. I never enjoyed the heavy drinking culture of my home country, so I would probably want it to be a pub without alcohol. You know, a dry pub. Hey! It’s a dream; it doesn’t have to make business sense.

Anyway, I got to thinking about what food I would serve at a pub in an American context. I sat down and came up with what I feel are the five most iconic American foods, and then I considered the five most iconic British foods (which will be covered in another post).

​5 Coming in at number five for the Americans is Pizza. This Italian classic has been firmly claimed by the US as a cultural staple.

​4 Wings! America’s number four can come in a variety of different flavors. Daddy Alsum hates chicken in pretty much every form, so this one is going to be a hard sell in my family.

​3 Now, on to the top three, we have chili dogs. More than just a brat in a bun, this culinary classic is topped with chili beans.

​2 Tex-Mex is a popular category of food in the States, and the poster child is Nachos. It comprises tortilla chips and cheese with some variations thereof.

​1 And, of course, the most iconic of American food has to be the cheeseburger. Bun, patty, salad, cheese. Winning combination.

From this point, I considered how to make each of those iconic dishes with regionally-appropriate locally-sourced seasonally-available ingredients. I am really excited to show you what we have learned along the way.

Come back and see where we start with the All-American cheeseburger.

What do you think? Did I miss an American classic? What would be your top five most American foods?

From mine to yours,

Mumma Alsum


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