Why bother?

The question resounding in many minds around the world. Why take the time to do something a certain way? Especially here in the United States, there is such a time crunch when it comes to… well, absolutely everything. Every aspect of our lives is meant to be conducted and completed “real quick”, and I’m sure that my family is not the only one that is exhausted with it.

My kids like to snuggle/wrestle me

I’m Hazel, hereafter known as Mumma Alsum. I am a mid(to late) twenty something mother with two young children. I was born and raised in England, but I live in America now. My husband, James, hereafter referred to as Daddy Alsum, is a natural born American of Frisian heritage from the Pacific Northwest. We have two beautiful Anglo-American babies – our oldest whom we will give the codename Lark, and our youngest whom we can refer to as Hart.

We invite you to join us as we journey through the process of taking time and taking energy to choose food that is traditionally from the region and sourcing things locally and seasonally. Which brings me back to that big question…

Why bother?

Hopefully, as we take this trip together, we’ll discover more and more the answer to that query.

From mine to yours,

Mumma Alsum


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